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Embryo Thawing & Transfer In Surat, Gujarat India

The treatment of IVF is being practiced with all people’s standards at an affordable price. Thanks to those best IVF clinics that provide their service hands to everyone and enjoy their parenting dreams. You can find a better solution for all your infertility issues in a single roof of the best IVF clinic. The embryo is the major factor that determines your fertility and gives you the joy of parenting. A perfect fertilized embryo carries healthy sperm and egg. The demand for embryos has been increased due to a large number of childless couples. To meet this demand of fertilized embryos for incapable couples, doctors follow the method of embryo cryopreservation, which can support people even after several pregnancy failures. This process of embryo thawing saves the future dreams of people with affordable money and time. 

What is embryo cryopreservation?

During the IVF process, in some cases, doctors might find it hard to come up with a single fertilized embryo. Whereas with few couples, doctors might achieve several matured embryos with few cycles of IVF. This additionally extracted embryo is saved for future use under cryopreservation. The embryos are instantly preserved in a frozen state after the IVF process. When the egg from the woman over is removed and combined with the sperm, it matures to form embryos in the laboratory culture. This is the most effective way of fertility preservation and is widely used for the clinical process at IVF centres. These frozen embryos are used with the method called embryo thawing and transfer. The technology of cryopreservation and embryo thawing has been practiced with various infertility cases and maintains the successful result of women pregnancy

What is embryo thawing?

Embryo thawing is the process familiarly followed in almost every IVF clinic. The process of embryo thawing is followed after cryopreservation. During embryo thawing, doctors will recover the embryo, which has been previously preserved in a frozen state. Generally, after the process of IVF most capable, fertilized embryos are saved within the liquid nitrogen storage, which is let to freeze for the cryopreservation process. At the time of embryo thawing, the doctors obtain a single embryo and send it to the cross identification of patients who need the support of thawed embryo

Later this material was placed in a pre-prepared dish and processed with the support of several drops of thawing materials. The frozen embryo is then moved to a heated surface where the dish is warmed with the recommended heat level. After the warming process, the embryo has been thawed from the warm dish and then transferred to a new dish. At this stage, the embryo undergoes a washing process in a culture medium. Once it is done with washing, the culture of the embryo is documented and transferred to the incubator. From this incubator, the experts perform the process of embryo transfer to find a better solution to your infertility issue.

What is embryo transfer?

The embryo transfer process has been carried out as the final stage of infertility treatment, including IVF. Usually, the thawed embryo has been placed in a medium for several days before placing it within the womb of women. After embryo thawing, the embryos have been implanted in the female womb. This process of the implant is considered embryo transfer. Usually, embryo transfer is done with the support of an instrument called a catheter, a tiny tube-like structure. This catheter carries the embryo and places it in the female uterus. During this embryo transfer process, the catheter passes through the vagina and cervix and women. It reaches the uterus and deposits the thawed embryo within the female womb. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) 

The process of embryo thawing and transfer is also called FET frozen embryo transfer. This is an effective method that is followed in the case of a couple where there are zero chance of achieving fertilized embryos. The excess embryos after IVF stay in a frozen state until it is being thawed. This thawed embryo is also termed a donor embryo. This donor embryo has been thawed and transferred to a women womb, and this process is said as FET. This frozen embryo transfer is highly recommended for couples under various conditions. Doctors say that the embryos stay up to 10 years with the -321 degree Fahrenheit with the state.  

Who can get benefited from embryo thawing and transfer?

The process of embryo thawing and transfer supports many people who can’t have a healthy baby after several attempts. People with the following cases can have a better result with the patients under the following cases. 

Ovulation disorder:

In the case of women facing a certain stage of ovulation disorder that results with infrequent ovulation. Infrequent ovulation is the major factor that results in infertility in women. The better solution for this problem is embryo thawing and transfer. A fertilized embryo has been placed at the female womb, where the egg will never undergo ovulation. 

Damage to fallopian tubes: 

With the damage of the female fallopian tube, women can’t support sperm fertilization with the partner’s sperm. In this pathetic situation, the female eggs get completely wasted and demolished. In this situation, with the support of embryo thawing and transfer, the female can have donors egg for fertilization. By combining sperm with the donor egg, you can effectively achieve fertilization with your partner’s sperm. This fertilized egg will safely reach your womb with the interference of the fallopian tube. 


Endometriosis is a female infertility case that will resist women from getting pregnant. In this case of infertility, the tissue from the women uterus gets implanted into the outside layer of the uterus. This tissue implant will cause a major disturbance to the female reproduction system. Here the egg can’t reach the uterus and will never contact the male sperm. In this situation, doctors suggest embryo thawing and transfer. The embryos get fertilized with the male sperm in the external medium, and then it is directly transferred to the female womb. 

Premature ovarian failure:

The proper maturation of ovary creates a successful embryo. In the case of premature ovarian failure, women can’t develop-eggs due to the lack of estrogen. The regular egg release happens in women with the help of an enzyme called estrogen. With the lack of estrogen, females can’t produce and release eggs regularly. In the worst case, females can’t produce healthy eggs. In this situation, you might achieve the support of the FET specimen. Doctors will thaw the donor egg and transfer the healthy egg after fertilization. 

Uterine fibroids:

In this infertility case, a female will experience benign tumours with the walls of uterus. This will decrease the ability of the egg and resist the fertilization process. This egg’s inability can be treated with the support of donor egg with embryo thawing and can be processed with fertilization. 

Genetic disorders:

When the male is female has severe genetic disorders, and it might make a huge difference with their normal reproductive process. This will end with an unhealthy egg, irregular shape of an egg and even more. These conditions will fail in natural pregnancy and can be handled with basic IVF. This is a case where you can support embryo thawing and transfer

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