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Best Age to get pregnant

આ વેબિનાર કોણ કોણ જોઈન કરી શકે છે?

1. મેરિડ કપલ
2. પ્રેગનેન્સી પ્લાનિંગ કરતા કપલ
3. કોઈ પણ Adult છોકરીઓ અને છોકરાઓ

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About Host
[ Dr. Shivani Shah ]

Dr. Shivani Shah is a fertility consultant at Surat for over 2 Years. She was scholar throughout her academics during MBBS M.S OBS & GYNEC.
She has served in rural and remote areas for 1 year for adolescent female health. She has Presented 2 Papers & Poster in Fogsi conferences. she has done fellowship in USG, Laparoscopy & Infertility

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