Home Remedies To Get Relief From Gas During Pregnancy

Get Moving

Light walking or exercise helps to get rid of gas & constipation & Speed Up Digestion 

Increase intake of fluid

Staying hydrated prevents constipation, thus reduce buildup of gas. Best To Sip Slowly Rather Than Gulp

Keep A Note Of Food

Track on your diet,  which foods triggers bloating like cabbage, cauliflower etc. maintain well balanced diet

Fiber Diet helps to soften the stool for easy passing to prevent constipation which cause gas

Eat Fiber-Rich Diet

Wear Comfortable Loose cloth allows to breath smoothly without constricting your abdomen, helps to move food & gas easily

Avoid Tight wearing clothes

Reduce Stress Level

Worries slows down digestion & build up gas. Deep breaths, meditation or other relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Carbonated beverages & sweetened fruit juices cause bloating & gas. Drink Fresh Juices to satisfy your cravings

Avoid consuming Refined Sugars

Eat small portion instead of 3 large meals. lot of air enters by quickly eating. So slow down & chew thoroughly

Change Eating Habits

Chewing Gum causes to swallow air

Don't Eat Chewing Gum

Drink from a glass. Using straw will swallow more air. Drink slowly as gulp it down will take more air 

Drinking Style Habits

Consult a Gynecologist

If you have severe pain without improvement for more than 30 min or constipation for more than 1 week, seek medical attention immediately

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