How To Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

Clean The Vagina

Wash the Area With Warm Water daily using fingers instead of washclothes

Avoid harsh Soaps to clean the Area that irritates & throws off the natural PH balance

Don't wash inside Vagina
that causes irritaion & infection

Sex & Vaginal Hygiene

Use a new condom while swiching between Anal & Vaginal Sex

Urinate after sex to flush out
The bacteria to avoid UTI.
Clean vulva with warm water
& dry thorough

Choose the right Clothing

Avoid tight-wearing clothes to allow air circulation. wear cotton underwear instaed of synthetic fabric

Avoid wearing A wet Swimsuit wholeday

General Vaginal Hygiene

Change Pads, tempons or liners 4-5 times in a day. Wash or wipe the area regularly in periods

Don't shave entire pubic hair that cause irritation. Trim with scissor. Don't use hair removal cream

After toileting, wipe front to back to prevent Urinary tract infection. rinse with water & dry it

eat probiotics like yogurt helps to prevent yeast infection

Follow this basic feminine hygiene tips to ensure healthy vagina.
If found any vaginal problems consult to doctor.

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