Difference Between Surrogacy & Test Tube Baby

Difference Between Surrogacy & Test Tube Baby - Candorivf.com

In recent days the development of sciences on infertility treatment make it probable for you to become a parent even after having some issues with infertility. Changes in unhealthy schedules and lifestyles will increase the rate of your infertility. Under these circumstances, you may automatically change to some medical help. IVF is commonly known as the test-tube baby method, and it is the most popular of its advantages. At the same time, surrogacy is useful when you cannot carry your child due to problems in your womb. Both these procedures are highly effective to achieve parenthood as these are assisted reproductive technologies.

See the differences between surrogacy and test-tube baby :

Surrogacy treatment :

Surrogacy treatment is one of the processes in which you are prepared to carry the baby by hiring a surrogate mother when you are suffer from infertility. The surrogate mother is required to go through regular checkups before starting the procedures. The egg from your body is removed at the right time and make fertilized with sperm taken from your partner. In case if your partners have infertility issues, then you can arrange for sperm donors. You should choose the best consultant to take this treatment process and the surrogacy cost will be little. And you must take care of the surrogate mother until your baby is delivered.

Procedures of surrogacy treatment :

  • If you are decided to commit to surrogacy, then you should prepare for different surrogacy types, on your wish you may select it.
  • One of the important processes of surrogacy is finding the correct surrogacy opening with a surrogate mother.
  • It may include age, sexual orientation, personality, and contact amount shared during the surrogacy process.
  • After these steps, you should meet the legal requirements because it is important to get a legal contract for your baby’s future.
  • The final step is you can begin the fertilization and embryo process with the surrogate mother.

Test tube baby :

The test tube baby often refers to the IVF process where fertilization occurs in a test tube. You should take proper medication from your consultant to produce mature eggs under their observations. Then your eggs are removed to get with the sperm, and this process will happen outside your body. Your consultant will keep your sperm and egg in a special container for a few days in the laboratory. When the developed embryos come out after the usual observations, and then placed into the fallopian tube through the embryo transfer process. If the treatment is over then your fallopian tube is getting attached with embryos, it indicates the pregnancy happens, and it is considered as IVF success rate. This treatment may be emotional to you and the only way to direct this time is by hoping for positive results.

Process of IVF or test tube baby :

  • When taking the stimulation process, then you have a chance of producing the eggs. It is a successful step later on in the treatment of fertilization.
  • More than a day is required to get your eggs scheduled to regain from your body, and you will be given a hormone injection that will help your eggs mature quickly.
  • During this procedure, your practitioner will use the ultrasound to guide a thin needle into your ovaries via the vagina. It contains a device that will suction the eggs out one at a time.
  • When your eggs are being removed, your partner will provide a sperm sample. You may also settle on to use donor sperms if your partner suffers from any infertility issues.
  • These sperms are used in the high-speed wash and spin cycle to come across the healthiest one.
  • Now is the time for IVF to combine both sperm and your best eggs. Usually, this insemination will take a few hours to fertilize the egg.
  • Once your egg gets fertilized, you can collect it from your uterus, and some processes are involved in checking the result of your pregnancy.

The above-explained details will give you the difference between surrogacy and a test-tube baby. Both processes will give you some complications, but being treated at the correct time will bring your life joy with your baby.

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