Fetal Medicine Specialist in Surat

What is Fetal Medicine?

Fetal treatment is a specialty of fetal medicine that deals with fetal disorders’ diagnosis and treatment. It involves medical interventions, such as medications given to the mother to help the fetus cross the placenta and reach the mother, as well as surgical interventions to help an unborn infant who might otherwise die.

Our top-rated Fetal medicine specialist in Surat provides advanced fetal therapy and specialized treatments in helping and taking care of women with high-risk pregnancies.

At our specialized center, only skilled and experienced physicians, surgeons, and nurses conduct surgical and medicinal interventions for both mothers and children.

Our Fetal Medicine Treatments

Prenatal Diagnosis Center in Surat, Gujarat India - Candorivf.com

Prenatal Diagnosis

Candor IVF’s fetal diagnosis specialists use cutting-edge technology to deliver a reliable prenatal diagnosis of birth abnormalities.

Fetal Screening for Down's Syndrome @Low Cost in Surat, Gujarat India - Candorivf.com

Downs Screening

Prenatal testing can detect down syndrome during pregnancy, and a chromosomal analysis called a karyotype can be used to diagnose it after delivery.

Fetal Therapy Center in Surat, Gujarat India - Candorivf.com

Fetal Therapy

Candor IVF is a group of highly trained maternal and fetal medicine doctors in Surat who diagnose and treat issues in unborn babies and fetuses.

Fetal Therapy Center in Surat, Gujarat India - Candorivf.com

Fetal Cardiology

At Candor IVF, our doctors and specialists work together to offer you and your baby the caring and comfortable care that you and your baby deserve.

Perinatal Pathology in Surat - Candorivf.com

Perinatal Pathology

Candor IVF is a well-known clinic providing perinatal pathology in examining the placenta, fetus, and newborn. These experts assess placental pathology ...

Genetic Counselling @Low Cost in Surat, Gujarat India - Candorivf.com

Genetic Counselling

Genetic counseling helps people learn more about the hereditary disorders can affect them and their families. Changes in DNA produce genetic illnesses also known as genetic disorders.