Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate

Factors Affecting IVF Success Rate - Candorivf.com

In modern days the In Vitro fertilization is the best treatment to get the chance to become pregnant. It is a standard procedure including various stages starting from ovarian stimulation and ending with embryo transfer. The main determinant of pregnancy and successful implantation are embryo quality and transfer efficiency. To get success in such a complicated process, many factors are taken into consideration.

The factors affecting the IVF success rate :

Types of fertility problems :

IVF treatment offers you more success rates in some medical conditions. There are some medical conditions where you can get success rates. Especially in the case of tubal blockage, IVF treatment gives you a better result than recurrent miscarriage condition or thin endometrium. In general, uterine abnormalities, fibroids and long-lasting effects of latent tuberculosis are affecting you to get a negative success rate in your IVF treatment. So you should consult with your medical expert about your health problems before taking the IVF treatment. While some male fertility also impacts the IVF success rate, with the arrival of sperm selection procedures, you can sufficiency reduce the negative effects in IVF success rate.

Quality of egg, embryo and sperm :

The value of sperm cells and embryos will depend on ovarian reserve, age, and stimulation protocol that affect your embryo quality and egg cells. And if the men have any fertility issues, you can take this process to get a success rate. In this process, your egg quality is compromised and helping you to mitigate the adverse effects to make the quality of embryo successful IVF for more likely to get pregnant.

Controlled ovarian stimulation protocol :

These practices outline the kind of fertility medications that are administered, and you can schedule your time. The IVF main objective is to develop many oocytes in the sanguinity that at least one egg cell will result in your pregnancy. Your consultant should work hard to determine which protocol is most favorable for you to get pregnant. These protocols describe for accuracy in timing and doses as well as individualization depending on your ovulation.

Exercise :

The crucial exercise in your daily life will give you better mental and physical fitness. Taking care of your physical health is vital to reserve the benefits of your IVF. You should follow the advice of your IVF expert when doing exercise in the treatment process. Make sure you are indulging any tough exercise postures in your regimen. The mild exercises will allow you to stay alert and active throughout the day. The important factor to consider in your exercise process is making it in a comfortable place. Focus more on the physical activities that can help you to refresh yourself to keep relaxed and contented.

Previous pregnancy or miscarriage :

The history of previous pregnancy and recurrent miscarriage can be a source of prudence before your treatment begins. Having a positive pregnancy in your past indicates a higher chance of getting positive pregnancy with in vitro fertilization. On the other side, you should discuss your history of multiple miscarriages and fertility-related issues to avoid difficulties in IVF treatment.

Use of donor eggs :

In case if you are above 35, then you can use the egg of a young female. It is a good alternative for having success in the IVF cycle. Factors like age and the quality of your egg are more vital in the transfer of donor eggs which increase your IVF success rate.

Duration of fertility :

It is an essential feature that helps you to determine the success rate of IVF treatment. The duration of infertility closed tied to an increase in your age, which corresponds to decreases in the success rate. So you can consider the step of getting an egg donation to get pregnancy by using IVF treatment.

The details mentioned above are the factors affecting the IVF success rate. You can get live birth in the first treatment cycles by consulting with the best IVF treatment expert. So you can quickly get the positive impact of getting pregnant.

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