Foods To Increase Male Fertility

Foods to increase Male Fertility

Sperm production has been a complicated process for men in the current scenario. Various concepts alter your natural sperm count to a negative rate. You can manage them most effectively by concentrating more on diet and nutrition. But this does not convey that diet is the only factor that determines and affects your sperm count. It is a fact that, as like every organ of your body, these reproductive organs need certain vitamins to work in proper metabolism. A healthy diet and proper sleep practice can maintain your natural sperm count. And to increase your current sperm count, you have to make a little more effort with your daily healthy diet

Factors that decrease sperm count

There are various potential reasons behind low sperm count in a male some cases might be due to human mind oscillations, and the other situations might be because of the following reasons:

  • Medical conditions that affect fertility :

Infections and inflammations like gonorrhea, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), epididymitis, and orchitis are some of the medical reasons behind decreasing sperm count. Enlargement of veins within the scrotum is a case called varicocele, and this can also decrease your sperm count. In a situation like retrograde ejaculation, the semen enters to bladder instead of the penis tip during orgasm.

Major or minor injury and surgery on the pelvic area might lead to sperm count fall. In some cases, nerve diseases due to diabetes or spinal injuries can decrease sperm count loss. Certain autoimmune diseases, tumors, radiations and chemotherapy, celiac disease are the major medical reason behind the fall of sperm count. Hormonal imbalances are also included in these medical reasons. 

  • Medications affecting Sperm Count :

Certain medications will decrease your sperm count in regular intake. Alpha-blockers, anabolic steroids, anti-ulcer medications, and even certain antibiotics might decrease your sperm count temporarily or permanently. 

  • Development disorder:

In the case of undescended testes and abnormal tubules, you can achieve proper sperm count during ejaculations. 

  • Genetic conditions: 

Certain genetic conditions like Klinefelter syndrome and Kartchner syndrome play a major role in your sperm count.

  • Environmental causes:

The work environment and living environment can highly disturb your sperm count. Working with heavy metals, industrial solvents, and other chemicals will lead to loss of sperm count. Meanwhile, high-temperature living or work areas or radiation exposure can end in male infertility

  • Effects of Lifestyle on Sperm : 

Finally, despite staying away from all the above factors, lifestyle habits like alcohol, drugs, and smoking will end with infertility. You have to remember male fertility foods to avoid before intaking anything new. A stressful lifestyle or overweight physic can also bring infertility.

Diet intakes to increase your sperm count

Food is the best natural medicine to solve all kinds of human deficiencies. Less sperm count is also a kind of male deficiency that can be eliminated with the following dietary supplements:

  • Eating Eggs for Male Fertility :

Eggs are the parent source of protein which is a healthy option to increase your sperm count. You can protect your sperm damages from free radicals and improve your mobility with a regular intake of eggs. Nutrients of the egg will support you to produce stronger and healthier sperm that can increase sperm count.

  • Benefits of Spinach for Male Fertility :

Folic acid is the main source that is integral for healthy sperm production. Spinach leaves are a prominent source of folic acid. With a regular intake of spinach, you can reduce the count of damaged sperm process quality penetration into the egg. Adding up this ideal supplement to your diet can effectively increase the presence of folic acid in your bloodstream that will support better sperm count.

  • Banana for Male Fertility :

Bananas are the best diet intake for healthier and healthy sperm cells. Bananas include vitamins like A, B1, and C that naturally increase your sperm count. The bromelain enzyme content in bananas prevents inflammation and will generate quality sperm count

  • Maca Roots for Sperm Count :

Maca roots are highly suggested for a male to regain fertility and increase sperm count. This is one of the natural sperm that promotes the quantity and mobility of sperm. When you consider the regular intake of Maca roots, you can increase the volume of semen.

  • Asparagus for Male Fertility :

This vegetable contains a rich source of vitamin C that can possess various positive impacts on sperm. It strives to eliminate the effect of free radicals on testicular cells.

  • Walnuts for Male Fertility :

Walnut is one of the healthiest nuts that contain sufficient healthy fats and proteins. These healthy fats are important for the cell membrane of sperm. The presence of omega-3 fatty acid in walnut will promote your blood flow and increase the volume of sperm ejaculation. You can consider dark walnut chocolate for better results with sperm count.

Adding all the above foods in the proper ratio with your daily intake can increase your sperm count. Find the proper daily limit before in taking any of above food.

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