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How To Choose The Right IVF Clinic

How To Choose Right IVF Clinic - Candorivf.com

Planning for a child is a part of your life journey where you face trouble getting pregnant. There are various options for the solution for infertility. The technologies and hospitals for the treatment of infertility have been rapidly increasing in the past decades. The best fertility clinic completely analysis your reason for infertility and brings ninety percentage of a successful result. You can confidently approach a fertility clinic for your child plan without any hesitation. You have to focus on choosing the right IVF clinic at the right time.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF can help you get pregnant by fertilization. It is one of the most trusted fertility treatments among all Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). The egg and sperm are being united in a culture outside the body, and this increases the chance of fertility. Best IVF doctors prefer IVF treatment even after facing frailer results with other technologies of ART. Most of the couples get successful results and have a baby within a year. Before taking IVF treatment, you have to know the complete process and mentally prepare yourself. 

Process of IVF 

IVF treatment is a five-step process for making females pregnant. The process of treatment includes a set of medications, surgery and injections. 

  • Superovulation :

In this process, you will be given fertility drugs for the process of follicle hormone stimulation. That helps your body with producing more eggs than your normal count. During the superovulation, you will be having a blood test and transvaginal ultrasound regularly to control your hormone levels.

  • Egg retrieving :

Before the process of egg retrieving, you will have a hormone injection that helps in egg maturing. After that, you have to undergo a minor surgery called follicular aspiration to remove your egg.

  • Collecting sperm :

The sperm for the egg is being collected by your partner or from the donor. The collected sperm is placed in a high-speed wash and spin cycle machine to find healthier sperm. The machine provides you with the most active sperm as per the conditions of the IVF lab standards.

  • Insemination :

The doctor combines the best sperm with the best egg retrieved from you. The insemination method is the core behind the IVF success rate by clinic. The sperm fertilizes your egg usually within two hours. The insemination process is also done through an injection called ICSI.

  • Transfer of embryo :

With the help of another set of medications, your uterus is being prepared for receiving the fertilized embryo. The embryo is placed in the uterus with the help of a catheter. For the success rate, multiple embryos are placed in you. After this, you can see your result with a pregnancy test.

Pick the best IVF clinic :

For the best outcome of you have to reach the best fertility clinic. Check for the list of advantages in the clinic you prefer.

  • IVF Doctors :

The doctor must be certified with the board of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist REIS. Prefer highly experienced doctor in the field of fertilization. Best IVF doctors can bring the success result on the first try. 

  • Team of specialists :

The clinic you choose must have standard team of specialists who attend the regular meetings of Continued Medical Education (CME).

  • Cost and accuracy of treatment :

There must be reasonable cost for the IVF treatment and reports for the complete process of IVF treatment. The accuracy of report must be standard.

  • Practice Report :

The best IVF lab standards report is associated with Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). With this, you can find the IVF success rate by the clinic.

  • Distance and timing :

Always prefer a IVF clinic that is close to you so that you can continue the treatment regularly. The treatment timing and availability of a doctor is also important.

IVF may work where other infertility treatments fail, so think of trying again. Consult the best IVF doctor when you plan for a healthy baby. 

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