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ICSI Treatment in Surat, Gujarat India

After more times of wasting pregnancy testers and getting frustrated with infertility in couples, the options at fertility clinics are the final hope of many couples. Childlessness is one of great emptiness in a couple that leads to more frustration in them. If you are one of such a couple, you don’t have to stay dormant. You can reach the best fertility clinic and involve in treatment to give birth to your baby. Usually, almost every couples find the best success results with IVF treatment. In rare cases, couples even face failure after attempting all stages of IVF treatment. ICSI treatment is for those couples who obtained failed results with all kinds of fertility treatment. It is said that ICSI treatment plays a vital role in bringing back smiles of parenting couples after several negative reports.

Overview of ICSI treatment

ICSI is one of the most affordable infertility treatments that can be effectively done with almost every couple. Doctors who treat infertility mostly suggest ICSI treatment as an additional procedure to overcome failures with IVF treatment. This ICSI treatment is termed Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICISI is most commonly related to IVF treatment. The only thing which differs is that here in ICSI, sperms do not have to find their own ways to fertilize. During the treatment of ICSI, the embryologist takes a single sperm after many assessments and infuse it directly into the egg. This ICSI treatment is most recommended for male infertility cases due to predictable and unpredictable medical reasons. To some extent, cases ICSI procedure is followed with every IVF cycle to achieve the sure result. With this treatment, minor inefficiency of sperm is not a significant issue because here, the sperm is directly injected within the female embryo. Despite considering more controversies, the treatment method of ICSI stands first with more positive results due to its effective methodology.

What is ICSI?

ICSI or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a happening micromanipulation technique that is suggested for male infertility factors. As you know, this technique is an effective enhancing method of fertilization phase at in-vitro fertilization. ICSI treatment is done with the mechanical insertion of a normal, live spermatozoon into the cytoplasm of the oocyte. With this treatment method, doctors spate a single spermatozoon and prepare them for direct insertion. After the fertilization phase, the fertilized egg is placed within the female womb. Usually, the space of time for fertilization is around three to five days.

It is said that the success rate of the direct injection method followed with ICSI treatment is most cost-effective when compared to all other male infertility treatments. To treat male infertility in the case of men salutary with zero sperm count or uptight condition of ejaculate, the sperm is extracted either from testicles with the help of TESA or from epididymis using PESA. This is one of the major thing why couples rely upon ICSI treatment. The partner sperm can be extracted even with the case of ED or any other sexual dysfunction. With this method of sperm, extraction couple can start their parenting without the support of donor sperm.

Why is ICSI done?

ICSI is one of the fertility methods which is typically used with severe male infertility, such as very low sperm count ( oligospermia), abnormally shaped sperm (teratozoospermia), poor sperm movement (asthenozoospermia), etc., can be effectively handled with ICSI treatment. A brief explanation of male infertility cases which can be ignored with ICSI treatments are as follows:

Ejaculation issues:

In the case of men, inefficient to ejaculate sperm but still has a better sperm production count in him can be handled with ICSI treatment. This is possible without donor sperm with TESE sperm extraction. With the clinical technology of ICSI sperm extraction, male sperm can even be extracted from urine excretion.

ICSI can also be used for the positive treatment result after the following cases despite male infertility:

Resulted low or no fertilized eggs with previous IVF cycle:

In some infertility cases, the couple can obtain a decent number of sperms but still can’t get a positive result with any of the sperms. In the case of an unfertilized egg with a good sperm count, you can try ICSI treatment.

Frozen sperm usage:

At the complete extend situation of sperm infertility, you can proceed with ICSI treatment with frozen sperm support.

Frozen oocytes usage:

At some worst-case, the verification of eggs after a few attempts of IVF might cause infertility in women. This situation is due to the hard eggshell layer with female eggs. At this complication with ICSI treatment, the couple can support a frozen egg for sperm fertilization.  

PGD can be done:

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is one of the most high-level IVF technologies involving genetic screening of embryos to spot the lope hole. This screening process can affect female egg fertilization due to sperm hang round conditions. In this condition, in fertilized sperm hand to the embryo that resists further fertilization, this scenario can be solved with ICSI treatment. The sperm treatment hangs around condition is initiated only after accurate screening result of PGD.

IVM technology benefit:

This is the highest form of ICSI treatment where female eggs are retrieved from ovaries before maturation and are treated for the final stage of maturation in a laboratory medium. With the benefit of this technology effective maturation process has been initiated with partner sperm in case of inefficient eggs in the embryo.

Advantages of ICSI treatment :

  • It is said that the best success rate of IVF treatment is obtained with the involvement of the ICSI procedure. ICSI treatment leads to many embryo formations that can increase the enhancement of fertilization. With the treatment of ICSI with IVF procedure, you can achieve a higher chance of cryopreservation.
  • The couples who resist using donor sperm and still strive to enjoy parenting with their partner sperm can have final hope on ICSI treatment. The treatment method has various stages of pulling out the positive result with partners sperm even after failing with all other fertility treatments.
  • Compared to all other fertility treatments, the cost of ICSI treatment is comparatively low. The reviews of various ICSI practitioners and after treatment couples review that ICSI is one of the most cost-worthy treatments.
  • ICSI treatment has made most appreciable effectiveness with the infertility case. It is considered the ultimate game-changer in the life of couples by providing parenting joy without dependence on external specimens to a extend.
  • Thanks to the advanced field of ICSI treatment which includes an almost equal success rate similar to IVF treatment but still offered with comparatively low-cost investment.
  • In case of possible conditions, ICSI can be affectively done for couples with general basic pregnancy rates, which may way around 60% to 80% of success.
  • With ICSI treatment, you can have the chance to choose your active sperm with the best DNA fragmentation index. This advantage has been ensured with the support of embryologists.
  • You can try optimal stimulation protocol with ICSI treatment, resulting in good quality eggs for fertilization.

Best ICSI Treatment In Surat, Gujarat India

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