DNA Fragmentation Test in Surat

DNA Fragmentation Test

The motility, focus, and state of your sperm not set in stone by the quality and honesty of your sperm. DNA discontinuity test is a strong symptomatic and prognostic instrument for deciding the level of sperm fracture. The methodology creates extensively preferable discoveries over normal tests, uncovering subtleties that conventional tests miss.

Sperm DNA discontinuity gives an unmistakable picture of sperm practicality in view of the DNA’s uprightness. Early location can assist you with keeping away from superfluous pressure, and our richness expert can tailor a treatment plan only for you.

DNA discontinuity incorporates two stages: semen obtainment and sperm assessment. Our expert group of embryologists assesses semen tests and direction couples for different choices.

There are different variables that cause sperm DNA discontinuity like contamination, pyrexia, smoking, liquor, raised testicular temperature, stress, diet, and age.

We at Candor IVF assist couples with their fruitlessness issues and take care of their concerns. We exhort way of life changes, diet plans, varicoloured medical procedure, and other testicular therapies which will prevail to accomplish richness.