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Pregnancy Week Month Trimester Chart

This pregnancy trimester chart provide the detailed guide to check what changes you can expect in your body. 

Just hover the mouse on the week of pregnancy to see the details of fetal development.

Learn 1st Trimester Changes - Candor IVF Center Surat Gujarat India
Pregnancy Trimester chart

1-4 Weeks
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This should be your life changing phase! Egg meets sperm and your journey starts.Your baby looks like a tiny ball called blastocyst,an embryo made of two layers and your placenta starts to develope

5-9 Weeks
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The heart develops and starts beating furiously! You start experiencing pregnancy discomforts like fatigue and sore breasts, morning sickness & spotting. In the meantime your baby – still an embryo – starts growing fast and its nose, mouth, ears starts to develop. Nearly an inch long now, it starts forming hands and feet and is constantly moving. This is the time you decide about prenatal tests.

10-13 Weeks
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Your baby’s most organs and structures are in place, tiny tooth buds appear underneath the gums. Brain starts to grow pretty quick and kidneys excrete urine. In the 13th week, your little one now has exquisite fingerprints! The tiny toes can now curl and hands shall open & close into fists.

1st Trimester

0.4kg - 2.0kg

2nd Trimester Changes - Candor IVf Center Surat Gujarat India
Pregnancy Trimester chart

14-18 Weeks
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You may start feeling more energetic and a stuffy nose – which is a surprising side effect of pregnancy! You feel more hungry as your appetite increases. Your baby now starts forming taste buds and can sense light. From soft cartilage to bone, your tiny one starts developing skeleton. Genitals are developed.

19-22 Weeks
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Your baby can hear you now! It also starts swallowing more and produces its first meconium. And while you are now halfway in your pregnancy, you can feel your baby move as you experience full fledged kicks unlike those early butterfly feelings! And yes, the eyebrows develop which is cool!

23-27 Weeks
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You may soon experience swelling in your ankles and feet which again is a common pregnancy side effect. Your growing uterus is now bigger in size. Good thing – your hair may become extra beautiful and lustrous as your baby starts growing more hair! Tickling sensations may be felt at times while your baby is hiccupping. The baby starts to open and close its eyes and sucking its fingers as well.

2nd Trimester

2.0kg - 8.0kg

Learn 3rd Trimester Changes - Candor IVF Center Surat Gujarat India
Pregnancy Trimester chart

28-31 Weeks
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The last trimester welcomes you and you may be fighting with mood swings and fatigue. Your baby’s head grows in size to support the developing brain. You experience strong kicks which keeps you awake at night while your little one’s eyes starts to see light filtering in through your womb.

32-36 Weeks
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our baby now weighs over 1.5 – 2 kgs and you may start feeling shortness of breath or heartburn and of course have trouble getting comfortable in bed. You start experiencing a little more fatigue and dizziness while your baby somersaults in your womb!

34-40 Weeks
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You are just nearing your due date. You may have more vaginal discharge and feel contractions occasionally. This is the time to watch for symptoms of pre-eclampsia. While your baby is now waiting to say hello to the world, if you experience water break, you should immediately contact your doctor. Don’t worry if you are still pregnant after 40 weeks, your baby will soon want you going into labour or be induced.

3rd Trimester

8.0kg - 13.6kg

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