What Is The Average IVF Cost In Surat, Gujarat

What is the average IVF cost in Surat, Gujarat

IVF has dominated the medical world with its proven ways to help people build families. In summary, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a simple assisted reproductive technology (ART) that allows fertilization of the egg by a sperm outside the woman’s body. This treatment is usually sought by those who are affected by infertility.  

IVF is a step-by-step process that starts with injecting fertility medication to mature the group of eggs. Once the eggs have matured, the follicular aspiration (egg retrieval) procedure is performed. The eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory using male sperm. The Embryo (fertilized egg) is then transferred back into the woman’s uterus, initiating the natural process of pregnancy.  

IVF is a promising process with affordable costs. However, many couples find themselves overwhelmed by the lack of clear information when considering IVF treatment. This is because IVF costs vary from place to place. Moreover, these costs can become more unclear and vague when seeking treatment locally.  

Today, we will discuss the cost of IVF in Surat. Let’s explore this topic and answer all your questions.

Factors that Affect the Overall Price of IVF Treatment

Many people have found IVF to be the definitive treatment for their infertility struggle. This treatment uses advanced technology and modern equipment, contributing to its higher success rate. It is also important to note that IVF is an ongoing process that takes stepwise procedures to achieve the desired result. However, the overall IVF treatment price can vary based on various factors.

  • Number of Cycles: Although a single cycle is easy to achieve, many people might need to undergo multiple IVF cycles, affecting overall cost. 
  • Location of the Hospital: The cost of IVF treatment can vary depending on the location. For instance, the cost of IVF in a well-populated area like Mumbai can be higher than in Surat. 
  • Treatment Method: The type of approach to treatment can influence the cost, as treatments are based on the individual’s medical history, age and various other factors.   
  • Medication Cost: Medication is a necessary part of the treatment. Therefore, the cost and amount of medication always depend on the dosage required for the patient.  
  • Frozen Embryo Storage: The cost of storing embryos can differ depending on the number of eggs, storage time, and storing process. 

IVF Treatment Per Cycle Cost in Surat, Gujarat

An IVF cycle is a common term used to describe the overall IVF procedure, from injecting the hormone medication to embryo transfer. In essence, an IVF cycle refers to the complete series of medical procedures involved in one attempt. An average single IVF cycle can cost up to ₹1.10 lakh to ₹2.20 lakh in Surat. 

The number of cycles one needs to go through always varies depending on the individual. However, on average, an individual needs to go through two to three IVF cycles.  

It is important to note that even if you don’t get pregnant after two or three cycles, it is not recommended to abandon the procedure, as research shows that more cycles can increase the success rate of the procedure. Granted that there are no universal guidelines on the maximum number of IVF cycles, a person can undergo up to six IVF cycles.

So now a question arises: Isn’t it too costly to undergo these many cycles? The cycle cost does increase with the number of cycles due to numerous treatment measures. However, it relies upon the clinics and hospitals to make that procedure affordable for you.  

For example, IVF treatment charges at Candor IVF, Surat offers up to 6 IVF cycles with numerous benefits at a reasonable cost:-

Cycle Packages 


Ovum Pickup 

Embryo Transfer 

1 Cycle Package  ₹1,25,000/-  1 time Ovum Pick-up  1 time Embryo Transfer 
2 Cycle Package  ₹1,60,000/-  1 time Ovum Pick-up  2 times Embryo Transfer 
3 Cycle Package  ₹2,20,000/-  2 times Ovum Pick-up  3 times Embryo Transfer 
4 Cycle Package  ₹2,80,000/-  4 times Ovum Pick-up  4 times Embryo Transfer 
6 Cycle Package  ₹4,00,000/-  6 times Ovum Pick-up  Multiple times Embryo Transfer 

Moreover, if all 6 embryo transfers are completed and the B.HCG test is still negative, then ₹50,000/- will be charged after the completion of treatment, and the remaining ₹3,50,000/- amount will be refunded.

List of treatments whose cost is included in Cycle

Usually, a whole IVF procedure takes 6-8 weeks. But again, the duration varies, depending on the time it takes for the patient to recover. So, what does an IVF cycle comprise? An IVF cycle involves the below series of steps:- 

  • Ovarian Stimulation 
  • Egg Retrieval 
  • Fertilization 
  • Embryo Transfer 

The above-mentioned procedures require further elements, including sub-charges like injection or ultrasound costs. Many hospitals have their own set of additional cost packages. We at Candor IVF include the following charges in our package:- 

Gonadotropin Injection  ₹45,000/- only 
Consultation and Ultrasound  ₹6,000/- only 
IVF Procedure Charges  ₹45,000/- only 
ICSI – IVF  ₹20,000/- only 
Embryo Transfer and Consumable Charges  ₹35,000/- only 


List of treatments whose price is not included in Cycle

Like any other medical procedure, IVF also includes pre-treatment and post-treatment processes to ensure the success rate and patient well-being.

The pre-treatment process usually involves evaluating the health of the patient and preparing their body for the IVF cycle.  Similarly, post-treatment includes monitoring embryo transfer and aftercare of the early stages of pregnancy. The pre-treatment and post-treatment mainly focus on ensuring a successful IVF cycle.

Therefore, the cost may be excluded from the IVF cycle package. But at Candor IVF, we provide an affordable option for additional cost:- 

Hysteroscopy  ₹15,000/- 
Sperm Freezing Charges  ₹2,500/- 
Estimated Medication Costs  ₹20,000/-  to  ₹25,000/- 

The cost for each patient varies based on the treatment protocol and clinical management of the patient’s diversity and may also increase beyond this limit. 

Report Estimate  ₹3,000/-  to  ₹4,000/- 
Tesa-Pesa  ₹15,000/- (Estimated) 
Anaesthetists  ₹3,000/- (Estimated) 

If any complications arise during the operation, charges may vary based on the situation.

Why Does IVF Cost Vary for Different Patients?

The primary topic of discussion has been that IVF treatment and cost differ depending on the individual. Every patient needs a different approach based on several factors. So, let’s discuss what factors can determine the cost of IVF treatment.

  • Age: The age of the women can influence the treatment approach. An older woman may require extra care and treatment to achieve pregnancy than a younger patient.  
  • Ovarian Reserve: The quality and quantity of eggs remaining in a woman’s ovaries is known as Ovarian Reserve. The number of eggs differs for every woman; hence, the treatment procedure, cost, and medication can alter based on this factor.  
  • Medical History: A patient’s medical history is crucial to outline the treatment plan. For example, an individual can have a history of high blood pressure, OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), or multiple births, which can affect the treatment approach and medication.  
  • Post-treatment Care: Some individuals may require undergoing some tests and inspections to determine the success of the treatment. For example, a blood test can be conducted after the embryo transfer to confirm the pregnancy. 

Which center provides IVF Treatment at an affordable cost in Surat, Gujarat?

IVF treatment is a guaranteed solution for people to achieve pregnancy. The IVF procedure is highly regarded in the medical sector due its remarkable success rate and retrial aspect. A patient can attempt upto six IVF cycles, which automatically increases the chances of pregnancy. Indian medical experts saw its potential; hence, there are more than 2500 IVF clinics across India.  

Candor IVF is one of the prestigious places in Surat, where IVF treatments are very pragmatic but, at the same time, quite affordable. We strive to give you the experience of parenthood.

Established in 2009, we are one of the best IVF clinics in Surat with our trustable and experienced team of doctors. We provide EMI facilities for economic comfort. We have earned the reputation of the most recommended fertility hospital in Surat, Gujarat.  

We aspire to help you achieve the ultimate happiness with ease. This objective makes us the most accommodating and affordable IVF treatment clinic in Surat, Gujarat.


1. How many cycles of IVF to get pregnant?

On average, an individual is required to go through 2-3 IVF cycles to achieve pregnancy. However, going through 6 IVF cycles is also recommended to increase its success rate.

2. Are IVF babies normal?

Yes, of course. IVF babies are as normal as other children. IVF babies are created naturally once the Embryo is transferred into the mother. The fertilization and development do take place outside the mother’s body, which can make a few people skepticalregarding the treatment, but it is a developed medical technology that helps individuals achieve parenthood.

3. What is the age limit for IVF?

According to India’s new Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Act, 2021, the age factor for IVF procedures must be considered. The act states that a male must be 55 years of age, and a woman must be under 50 years of age to be eligible for IVF treatment. 

4. Who is eligible for IVF?

A physically healthy woman who can carry or donate eggs under the age of 50 is eligible for IVF treatment. 

5. Does insurance cover the IVF treatment cost?

IVF is not usually covered by insurance, like many other fertility treatments. However, Candor IVF provides EMI facilities that can help patients economically.

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