Why Is There A Higher Risk Of Ectopic Pregnancy With IVF

Why Is There A Higher Risk Of Ectopic Pregnancy With IVF

Ectopic pregnancy is more related to IVF. So before letting you know about Ectopic pregnancy, it is mandatory to know about IVF treatment. With almost every case of infertility, IVF plays a major role. IVF is one of the best-considered infertility treatments around the world. In-Vitro Fertilization is when an embryo is prepared in an exterior medium. Here the fertilization process of egg and sperm is done out of the female womb at the clinical medium. After the fertilization, the embryo is then transferred to the female uterus. The embryo is processed with the endometrial lining of the uterus a day after completing the menstrual cycle.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Doctor’s term ectopic pregnancy as extra-uterine pregnancy, which leads to Severe risk factors and causes more pain and trouble to the mother of an infant. This ectopic pregnancy is the implantation of an embryo out of reach from the endometrial lining, which is present in the uterine cavity. The female has to face more risk and complications in ectopic pregnancy to reduce its threatening complications, and it has to be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. To find an ectopic pregnancy at an early stage, you might need more expert support and the best IVF treatment clinic. Sometimes practicing IVF after Ectopic pregnancy can also bring a better success rate with the birth of a baby.

Is ectopic pregnancy common?

It is a strange factor that related IVF with ectopic pregnancy that brings more possibility of ectopic pregnancy cases after IVF. But you don’t have to worry. You can have better treatment to handle your ectopic pregnancy during the IVF process. But this can be achieved only when you reach for a best IVF treatment clinic. Almost every Assist Reproductive Technique might lead to ectopic pregnancy cases, but you can reduce the risk and increase the curing possibility through IVF. The natural occurrence rate of ectopic pregnancy falls within 2 or 3 percentage. But with the ART cases, you have no options rather than infertility treatment that might risk you with ectopic pregnancy

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy?

Infertility itself is the major reason behind this ectopic pregnancy. This case can also be inversely said, like ectopic pregnancy is also the reason for infertility. Ectopic pregnancy is associated with embryo transfer technique, fallopian tube pathology, and pelvic inflammatory issues. Some of the most common signs of ectopic pregnancy after IVF are as follows:

Early warning of ectopic pregnancy includes the following cases:

  • The first signs of an ectopic pregnancy are always mentioned as light vaginal bleeding, which has to be concentrated with due attention early. 
  • Pelvic pain might be a common cause of pregnancy, but the cause of serious pelvic pain after IVF treatment is dangerous to infants and mothers.
  • If the blood passes out from the fallopian tube, it increases the risk rate of ectopic pregnancy. You might experience shoulder pain or an unpredictable urge to have a bowel movement during such bleeding. 
  • The risk factor and case of ectopic pregnancy depends on where the bleed is being collected in your body. 
  • Irritation of never is one of the most important signs of ectopic pregnancy, and it is one of the specific symptoms that gives you a lead on future treatment plans. 

Emergency symptoms:

  • The constant growth of fertilized eggs in the fallopian tube is a critical situation that must be identified in the initial stage to avoid criticality. In case of delayed treatment, it might result in a fallopian tube rupture.
  • Due to various reasons, heavy bleeding inside the abdomen is also an emergency sign of ectopic pregnancy.
  • All these symptoms cause to be immediately treated with the support of experts. If not, it might result in frequent lightheadedness, fainting, and shock, which will continue throughout your lifetime. 

Factors that lead to ectopic pregnancy

It is not that ectopic pregnancy is caused due to or only with ART treatment. Even after various Infertility treatments, you can stay away from the risk of ectopic pregnancy. The major factors that cause ectopic pregnancy are as follows:

  • Maternal age :

Late pregnancy above the age of 34 – 44 is where you will have more chance to face the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

  • Cigarette smoking :

The major cause that increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy is excess smoking. Avoiding cigarettes can prevent you from subsequent pregnancy.

  • Tubal pathology and previous tubal surgery :

Tubal issues lead to ectopic pregnancy with major cases.

Now you must have a clear understanding about Ectopic pregnancy. Follow the right steps as per the advice given by your physician to avoid any mishaps.

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