Best Sex Positions To Conceive Naturally

Best Sex Positions To Conceive Naturally

Sex is a part of a happy life, and it is the basement for your next generation. People in the current generation get more interest in sex very easily and wish to get that experience as soon as possible. Especially married couples have developed their strong relationship through sex only. People are not getting pregnant fast and many couples have worried about not conceiving within a month or year after the marriage. The sex position is a major factor for conceiving naturally and here are the lists of best sex positions for conceiving naturally.

Best Sex Position for Conceive Naturally

There are several sex positions to get pregnant fast and naturally and some best are here for you.

  • Missionary position:

Many healthcare experts states that for the best slim anatomical advantage, the missionary position might be perfect. They said that man should be in the top position and woman should be in the down position in the missionary position, which allows the man’s sperm to flow into the woman’s vaginal opening and towards the woman’s cervix. This missionary position is best for women with an anteverted uterus tilted forward.

  • Doggy style: 

Sometimes the missionary position won’t be liked by many men as it may be tiring. The man has to put their full energy and full pressure on the woman in missionary style, and those who do not like to try that position can try the different one. The next famous and familiar sex position is doggy style, and many men like to do this. The man can enter from behind where the woman would be on all four. This position is best for deeper penetration, and it increases the access for cervix opening.

  • Reverse cowgirl: 

As previously mentioned, the missionary position is best for the anteverted uterus, and this reverse cowgirl position is best for women having a retroverted uterus. Women with a retroverted uterus can try this position for getting pregnant naturally and attain pleasure at the time of sex. The women will provide the unique angle for the man’s entry by sitting facing their partner. Some couples said that it is fun to try this position. The woman will have control over the depth of penetration in this position.

  • CAT – Coital alignment technique:

It is not a factor of conception for the couple, but it is a bonus for them, and the man can assist the orgasm of the woman with this CAT position. In this position, the sperms will swim downstream, where the couple’s position will be like that. It would be more effective for both man and woman to get the man’s lower torso fit between partner orgasms, and the woman would splay out her knees.

  • Side-by-side scissors: 

Another sex position for the fast entry of sperm to reach the cervix is side-by-side scissors. In this position, the couple will lie down side by side where the man can enter into women easily, and there is a chance for deep penetration through this position. It is a simple and easy position where anyone can try this and no matter the woman’s uterus. Some experienced couples said it is so romantic to have sex in this position.

  • Rear entry: 

It is similar to doggy style since the man enters behind the woman. The only difference is that the woman on all four and in this position the woman lies on her stomach and the man enters by lowering himself above her. The penis of the men reach deeper into the women vagina, and so it is also best for deep penetration. Both man and woman have to be in the right position for deep intercourse.

  • Wheelbarrow: 

Among other sex positions to get pregnant, it is an adventurous sex position for baby conceives. In this position, the woman will hold her up with her hands, and the man will grab the woman’s legs, pull them around his tights, and start to enter her. It helps to get closeness to the cervix through deep penetration.

Bottom line: 

Thus, the points listed above are the best sex positions, which will help you conceive naturally. You can try any position by staying careful that both man and woman have to be in the right position for getting pregnant fast. If you still facing issue to conceive naturally, consult with best IVF Doctor at Candor IVF Center.

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