How to Boost Fertility and Sperm Count in Men?

how to boost fertility in men

As men get older, their sperm count, motility, and quality level start to decrease leading to overall declines in fertility.

Both partners play a vital role when it comes to conceiving a baby. Women may be carrying the pregnancy but men equally contribute to the creation of a baby by providing the essential genetic material through sperm

It’s been researched that 25 to 30 percent of infertility cases are due to male infertility, and it varies from person to person. There are so many factors that affect infertility such as age, day-to-day routine, diet, and underlying disease.

Here are some changes you need to apply in your lifestyle, diet and physical activity-related changes can boost male fertility and make sperm stronger for pregnancy.

Reasons for infertility in men

Male infertility is a common sexual dysfunction that is affected by many physical and physiological factors including stress, alcohol consumption, and more.

As men age, the testicles and genital, like any other organ, don’t function as well as they used to, ” says Scott Lundy, M.D. Other fertility-related issues like genetic abnormalities of the sperm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and changes in the reproductive organs and tissues may occur in men after their 20s.

Moreover, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and a sedentary lifestyle are also responsible for lower semen volume, preventing new sperm from developing, and poor sperm health.

Physiological factors like high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety can slow down the blood flow inside the vessels, causing infertility in men.

On the other hand, obesity is the major factor that triggers hormone imbalance, adding more estrogen to the body and extra fat around sex organs could increase heat there, making it more difficult for men to release more sperm.

Best ways to boost male fertility

Below are 9 ways to solve your sperm issues and boost male fertility. Keep in mind that sperm quality won’t change overnight but making lifestyle and diet changes and staying consistent can support your fertility journey.

1. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Hey, you lung-busters, not only does smoking drain your wallet, but it also makes you lose your precious body parts. According to the stats from the internet (of course, from reliable sources only), a typical American smoker puts out about $1500 to $3300 each year. Now, if you look it at from the perspective of male fertility, your single puff of dragon can cost you a good amount of sperm count. Besides your semen quality, the quantity also suffers a lot which means your genitals might not make enough of it. Moreover, the overall quality of spermatozoa including its motility, shape, and counts, all gets degraded. 

The close cousin of smoking, alcohol is just as bad (however if you know your limits it could somewhat be bliss). The same thing happens to fertility when alcohol is involved. In contrast to 37% of “non-smokers, non-drinkers”, only 12% of males with booze use challenges had fully appropriate sperm health. 

If you are genuinely trying to conceive a new life into your lives you might want to cut down these two completely. Make a wise choice and give a beautiful start to your future family. 

2. Treat erectile dysfunction

This ought to be the nightmare of every guy. However, this condition is not alone it often comes with an ally named premature ejaculation. These conditions trigger emotions like stress and frustration which create a strained environment internally. It can make it harder for the couple to conceive because of not being able to get and maintain an erection.

However, medicines like Cenforce 200 mg and Vidalista 20 mg can help men address issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, providing a holistic solution for men’s sexual health concerns.  

3. Change your diet

If you don’t want to see greys in your relationship, add more greens. The stuff you eat hugely impacts every aspect of your health, including fertility. 

The most nourishing food for your entire body is probably the same as what’s greatest for your male reproductive system. Pick whole grains, lots of freshly picked vegetables and fruits, beans,  good fats such as avocados and nuts, and lean proteins like fish and poultry. Don’t compromise with fluid intake drink a good amount of water and stay hydrated.

At the same time, slightly cut back on sugary stuff, soy protein, caffeine, processed food, excessive salt intake, and other such food. 

Also, check out the best foods to increase fertility in women.

4. Check your medical conditions

There is a whole array of medical conditions that can directly and indirectly affect your intimate health. For instance diabetes, obesity, hypertension, thyroid disorders, heart problems, and so on. Therefore it is important to get regular health check-ups for the whole body. 

Moreover, adopt a healthy lifestyle so you don’t encounter even the smallest of health complications. 

5. Maintain a healthy weight

You might wonder, what weight has to do with fertility. Well, it does have a connection, not directly but it does. Having unnecessary or even insufficient baggage of fats can meddle with your hormone levels. You need to have a balanced weight to keep your fertility at its optimal level. 

An analysis of studies that were released, in 2017 looked at the data supporting a link between obese men and their fertility. The results found several important factors, such as the intricate relationship between hormones and body fat and certain diseases linked to obesity may potentially have an impact on sperm condition.

6. Keep your teeth and gums healthy

How is dental health related to fertility? Well, it might sound absurd but your bad oral health can indeed affect fertility. According to studies, the oral bacteria that arise from cavities and gum diseases may lead to oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, which kills sperm cells. 

So here’s how you can take good care of dental health;

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing regularly
  • Scheduling routine checkups with your dentist.

7. Regulate physical activity

Upholding your physical health is very crucial. Frequent exercise and workout plans promote hormonal equilibrium, lower stress levels, and enhance blood circulation; all of which are beneficial for an optimal reproductive system. Furthermore, staying physically active and keeping a healthy weight might help avoid illnesses linked to obesity that may have a detrimental influence on one’s health. 

So let your sweats flow like a river and engage in activities that get your heart pumping.

We’ve also covered a detailed guide on stress relief for fertility.

8. Get enough sleep

Good night’s sleep plays just as essential a role as all the ones mentioned above. Early slumbers are linked to better sperm quality, according to a 2019 research study conducted by Danish researchers at Aarhus University. 

The study emphasized hitting a bed before 10:30 at night and getting sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night. This will improve every aspect of human health and keep the body and the mind in check.

9. Check certain vitamin deficiencies

Verify any vitamin inadequacies that may have an impact on the health of your reproduction. For instance, the deficiency of Vitamin D is associated with infertility and hormonal imbalance. Moreover, preserving a nutritious, well-balanced diet can enhance general health and reproductive performance. Hence, to guarantee the best possible reproductive health, be sure to prioritize sleep, eat healthy, engage in physical workouts, and think about having your vitamin levels examined.   

Final words from CandorIVF Center

No matter whether you dream of having a baby, or you’re just curious to try, it’s important to have good functioning reproductive organs. 

To make this possible you have to keep up with regular checkups from healthcare providers, and dental visits and make some healthy changes. 

Still, if you’ve been making love without protection for half a year or more and still have no baby, talk to our best Gynecologists in Surat at Candor IVF Center which is well-known to explore your options and get a comprehensive fertility evaluation. 

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